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//don't get me started...

Want someone to come and disrupt the narrative a bit? I am happy to. I have been described as 'the right kind of fly in the ointment', not because I set out to be a pain in the arse, more because I have a lot of questions and like to get under the skin of things to what is really going on.  What do I talk about?


Stuff. A few videos are above, and a further list of things I am happy to chunter on about and have conversations around:

  • Silver Bullets (clearly)

  • The myth of fixability

  • Shame and anxiety in organisations

  • Change

  • Change capability building

  • Leadership practice

  • Leadership development, in particular why the latter is not worth the time or money in its conventional form

  • Consulting and consultancies: why we don't need them as muvch as they think we do

  • Organisation Development

  • Organisations and organising, and how we organise

  • Executive education and business schools

  • The fragility of leaders and consultants

  • Thought leaders, experts and experts: how we get sucked in by the guff

  • Wile E. Coyote



  • Otters

What happens when a Silver Bullet meets theory and practice? Webinar #1 with Naomi Stanford

What happens when a Silver Bullet meets theory and practice? Webinar #1 with Naomi Stanford

This is the first of two webinars that were held on the same theme. Naomi Stanford is a well-known consultant, theorist and practitioner, most often associated with Organisation Design. Naomi has ample experience of leaders and organisations flailing around looking for guaranteed ‘right’ answers and solutions, and sometimes a magical 'Silver Bullet', looking to her, as the expert, to provide one. The reality is, there is #NoSilverBullet. Naomi joined Steve Hearsum, writer and researcher of a new book on the functional collusion that surrounds Silver Bullets, as they discussed the search for guaranteed answers by leaders, organisations, consultants and practitioners of the various different disciplines of organisational change (HR, OrgDev, Change, OrgDes etc). Questions that drove our inquiry included: - How far is the projection of expertise useful and when does it become an ethical consideration? - What can we learn from our experiences as consultants and practitioners about how to work with clients' expectations, however unrealistic they might be? - What happens, as it has with Naomi, when guru status is conferred and how does that amplify the problem? - In amongst all the theories, can there ever be one that passes for a Silver Bullet? There will be two webinars, catering for different timezones, and both will be recorded. The format of the session will be a short dialogue between Naomi and Steve, short break out sessions and a Q&A.
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