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Occasionally I wibble and pontificate in other places. I will be populating this more fully soon but for starters, here are some recent offerings.

CEO World: Navigating a crisis - how to become a leader who responds rather than reacts

SME Web: What Wile E. Coyote can teach us about business leadership

SME Today: No Silver Bullet: Bursting the bubble of the organisational quick fi

Down to Business: I was a guest on Newstalk radio talking about some of the issues leaders face when looking for solutions to complex problems. 






Maddyness: Why pressure to be a “hero leader” is holding you back and what you can do about it

The European Business Review: The Myth of Fixability: Why Do We Think there is a Silver Bullet to Complex Business Problems? 

HRD Connect: Are your people ready for change? How to lead through successful organisational change

Management Today: Why we need to turn our back on ‘silver bullet’ solutions

Intelligent CXO: Is authentic leadership really the key ingredient for successful culture change?

Big Think“Silver bullets” and “disguised donkeys”. Over-reliance on experts with quick fixes has taken us too far from reality — it’s time to dispel the fairy tales.

HRD ConnectWhat BrewDog’s CEO Exit teaches us about fear and leadership in business 

Engage Employee: Brewing A Better Culture: Lessons From Brewdog's Toxic Fallout


Corporate Compliance Insights: UK Brewer’s Cultural Hangover Highlights the Perils of Hero Leadership

More as and when they appear...


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